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Fetzer’s “Free Homes” Folly

Newtown Post-Examiner


Sandy Hook hoax adherent and former University of Minnesota Duluth Professor James H. Fetzer is one of the chief disseminators of fraudulent information about the tragedy that befell Newtown, Conn. on December 14, 2012.

The Professor’s posts on the thoroughlydiscredited Veteran’s Today (VT) website are elaborate works of fiction based entirely on the speculation, gossip and other assorted bunkum that emanates from the mouths and keyboards of his many dubious sources.

One of the more outrageous theories Fetzer has helped popularize among fellow hoaxers in recent days is the claim that some Sandy Hook residents were gifted with “free homes” a few years prior to the “event” as partial compensation for the part they played in this so-called “elaborate hoax.”

In a February 16, 2014 article on VT, entitled “Sandy Hook: Free homes and ‘big bucks’ incentives for leaders and players,” Fetzer wrote, “It was astonishing to…

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